Monday, 6 June 2011

late night musings

Zoe and I have come to an arrangement about working after 10pm and on Sundays but I find myself in the mood for some blogging so I thought I'd go with it despite it being 23:19. We still haven't managed to get our non-facebook promoting underway, we've both been so busy as individuals that it's been tricky to either find the time or energy to get on with it. "as soon as i'm finished at the Rep I'll..." is a sentence I keep repeating at the moment. I hope I do manage to fulfill the plans we have in mind. Even once I finish it's still going to feel a bit stally though as we'll be stopped in our tracks by 6 weeks of summer holidays and childcare issues. Oh the life of being a business mum. We're just going to have to get used to it I suppose, there will always be school holidays to get in the way of your stride. But then that is why we're self employed, so we can work around these things.

On a completely unrelated subject, how awkward is Made In Chelsea? The male/female chats are really stunted, no one seems very relaxed in each others company. Bizarre. I do love the dates they go on, so cringey.

Anyway... We've got collaborative artwork in The Outbye Gallery, Ovenstone, by Pittenweem. Preview is Saturday from 2-5pm, on til the 23rd of July. We're also meeing with a lady from the St Andrews Family Support Project next week, really excited about that one, it's been something I've wanted to be involved with for a while. As myself I am collaborating with Alexandra Ross on a design project, meeting her this week to see the metal frame that's needing my fabric expertise. Cryptic? Yes I am. We're also off to a networking evening at The Rep next week and the Fleet Collective opening gig in a couple of weeks. Ooh and i'm getting my haircut. "About bloody time", screams my hair. Aren't we busy ladies?

Before I go for the night I should also mention that we attended Crafting A Balance last week, hosted by Cultural Enterprise at the DCA. It was really intersting and was good to hear from people who were in a similar postition but further along the line. Thanks to Carrie from Made In The Shade, Lovely Pigeon and Bella and Bunty.

Night night.

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