Sunday, 8 May 2011

we have a website so our blog is free for personal musings

Well, now we have a website we can start using the blog as it was intended, to talk about us and the process of setting up and running Two Dolls HQ.

We’ve been open for about 6 weeks now and things are going well. The Creative Writing short course has been doing well and our first Illustrate and Write was a great success despite the lack of illustrators in attendance. This was a shame as there was some really great writing happening and it would have been good for some visuals to go along with it.

The run up to the opening was full of wonder and trepidation. We were interviewed by Jennifer Cosgrove for The Courier, the article with photo appeared the day before we opened. Set up of the HQ was very hectic. I had finished at the Rep the week before so was in most days doing bits and pieces and taking delivery of work and donated furniture.

The opening itself was a surreal experience we were constantly busy right up until 5pm. Don’t think I have talked so much about myself ever and was relieved when it quietened down and I could shut my mouth for a bit and reflect on the day. Over the next few days I started to relax into my self-employed roll. I walked my daughter to school, which had not been an option while I was working; I met Zoe in the DCA for a lunchtime meeting; sauntered back to the car and relaxed til school pick up time. I am totally skint, we can’t do a lot of stuff or go anywhere but my day-to-day lifestyle at the moment is totally worth leaving regular pay for.

So six weeks on we are settled into our HQ; I am back at the Rep for a 6-week stint and we’re beginning to see what we have actually taken on. Next stage, some non-Facebook based advertising and marketing and trying to get the people we started this for to come through our door.

Creative people, we have set this business up for you so please come in and use it. We have comfy seating area with books and magazines to peruse; tea, coffee, biscuits and sometimes, homemade cake. We are here to support and encourage you in your creativity.

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