Friday, 26 November 2010

we're still here

Shockingly we have been away from the blog for over a month. We have been stupendously busy as individuals but things have settled down now and we managed a meeting this week. We'll be taking a second look at property on monday in the hope of finally setting up Dolly HQ for you all to hang out in. You can be reassured that we are still in action and have big plans for the future! Looking forward to sharing out plans with you soon.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

mingle and make prep

And relax...

Tea's on.

Sewing packs boxed.

Sewing machines checked.

Tea cups gathered.

Biscuits made.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Two Dolls brings you…

Apron Strings: Mingle and Make!

Sunday 26th September 2pm-5pm, Manna Café, Cupar Rd,

Newport on Tay.

You are invited to participate in our first Mingle and Make afternoon. Come along and create your own custom made apron and become the domestic goddess you always knew you could be. If you would like to be involved there is a £10 participation fee to cover materials, refreshment and venue hire. We will also provide an assortment of precut fabric, sewing machines, ironing boards + irons, thread, needles etc, refreshments and 2 experienced onsite sewing advisors. You may also bring along your own materials to embellish and personalize your apron.

We are keen to have a mixture of sewing levels so don’t worry if you can’t sew at all - help will be on hand.

If you would like to be involved email us at, register your interest and tell us a bit about yourself and your sewing experience (if any). Spaces are limited so if you are interested let us know as soon as you can. Payment can be made on the day either by cash or cheque.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Just googled Two Dolls and we're near the top of the list, which is quite splendid. Anyway.... we have been reflecting on our experiences of the pop up stall at the Literary Dundee Festival and lessons certainly have been learnt. The main one being communication, making sure everyone involved has all the information they need, thus avoiding embarrassing conversations later. e.g how much commission will be taken. Next time we will be more prepared and have this all out there at the outset. On a personal level I found it to be a brilliant experience because I became the woman I always aspired to be and discovered it's ok to turn into a dictator for a bit, no one will stop being your friend because of it. The experience also cemented myself and Zoe's business relationship further, with each new experience we are finding that we work really well together and I definitely feel I have finally found my ideal work partner. All things business are going very well.

Doll One is off for the summer, the school holidays are upon us and i have a small person to entertain, so there probably won't be much action in the world of blog but please remember to come back and check up on us.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Debut night at Literary Dundee

Good first night, a bit mental to start off with. Setting up was not what i'm used to, but we got there in the end. Now off for a well earned lie down.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pop Up Shop

Our Pop Up Shop will be making it's debut this week on Wednesday through till Saturday, the shop is in conjunction with the Literary Dundee Festival. We have confirmed work from Isla Brookes, Muriel Prince, Val Norris, Ruth Alexander, Cherie Sullivan, Andrea Sayers, Zoe Venditozzi and Jill Skulina. Kitschnbake will also be selling delicious cakey goods.

wednesday 5pm - 7pm
thursday 11am - 7pm
friday 9am - 7pm
saturday 11am - 7pm

Hope to see you all there.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

What Two Dolls did.

Two Dolls attended the opening of Chicks on Speed at the DCA on Friday. We chatted to people we already knew, handed out a few business cards, had a juice and went home to drink tea and chat around the kitchen table. As far as the Chick On Speed went we scarpered at the first sign of audience participation. We also had our meeting with Sandy Thomson at the Cultural Enterprise Office in Dundee. We received some very useful advice on creating a lasting partnership. Our key words are now conversation and deal breaker.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

world domination, when will it begin?

Some blog this is, we're not even writing anything on it! Thought I'd better remedy this. Not actually got much to say on the setting up business front, as not much is happening. YET. Currently in limbo waiting to hear about the property we are hoping to occupy. Meeting with Sandy Thomson at the Cultural Enterprise Office tomorrow, so will have a better idea of what we need to do, as a partnership, to get this venture off the ground. We are determined and excited by the prospect of working with and bringing together, as many different creative types as we can.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Who are we?

Two dolls are Jill Skulina and Zoe Venditozzi, a visual artist and a writer who have come together to create a hub for cross-disciplinary networking and creative endeavours. Providing writers, artists and makers with space for collaboration, networking, and performance. We will also provide retail space to sell artists’ work. oh, also tea, coffee and cake.