Friday, 2 July 2010

Just googled Two Dolls and we're near the top of the list, which is quite splendid. Anyway.... we have been reflecting on our experiences of the pop up stall at the Literary Dundee Festival and lessons certainly have been learnt. The main one being communication, making sure everyone involved has all the information they need, thus avoiding embarrassing conversations later. e.g how much commission will be taken. Next time we will be more prepared and have this all out there at the outset. On a personal level I found it to be a brilliant experience because I became the woman I always aspired to be and discovered it's ok to turn into a dictator for a bit, no one will stop being your friend because of it. The experience also cemented myself and Zoe's business relationship further, with each new experience we are finding that we work really well together and I definitely feel I have finally found my ideal work partner. All things business are going very well.

Doll One is off for the summer, the school holidays are upon us and i have a small person to entertain, so there probably won't be much action in the world of blog but please remember to come back and check up on us.

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  1. Congratulations dolls on a fantastic lookin bloggie page. I so enjoyed your shoppie at the Dalhousie, lots o braw stuff peppered with friendly banter! what more could a doll ask for in a shopping experience. All the best lovely ladies :)